The Owatonna Instrumental Music Department is excited to announce that your child has the opportunity to join the instrumental music program. The instrumental program consists of Band and Orchestra. Our orchestra program begins the summer before 4th grade (current 3rd graders--this is for you!) and our band program begins the summer before 5th grade. If you wish to perform in band, you need to wait and sign up next year. Dual enrollment is not an option. 

We will provide daily (Monday-Friday) one-hour instruction during our two-week summer lesson program held August 14-25. During this time, our instructors work with the students on basic beginning techniques. Additional information regarding this will be sent after registering. If your child has a desire to join the orchestra, please email the director for your school (email addresses below).

Watch the Orchestra Demonstration Video

We appreciate your time and support of your child’s music program.

Lisa Revier,

McKinley, Washington, Wilson & OMS Orchestra Director

Jen Bellefeuille,

Lincoln & OMS Orchestra Director

If you need to know the difference between orchestra and band, please review the Band Demonstration Video. Reminder: if you want to play in the band, you need to wait to sign up for an instrument until 4th grade.